Can I upload Pornographic Materials ? 
  No.  See Terms of use section 7.

  Can I upload Copyrighted Materials ?
  Not unless you own it . See Terms of use section 6/D.

  Can I add my YouTube videos links ? 
  Yes.   Smiply click the upload button, on the left and you should see Grad Video / Import paste your link there.

  Why am I seeing ads ?
  Well.  We rely on ad revenue to keep the lights on and site free to you.

  Is monetization available for content providers ?
  Not as yet, but we are working with Advertisers and Sponsors to make that happen.

  My video won’t upload?
  We support many video format extensions (MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DIVX, MPEG, 3GP, FLV),
  but we recommend MP4 and for best video quality 720p or 1289p

  Why can't I comment or share the videos ?
  Our site works best with your ad blocker turn off.

  My video won't upload, is it too big ?
  Our upload limit is presently set to 500MB.

  How do I add my Facebook / Twitter links to my profile ?
  These options can be found under My Channel / Channel Modules / About

  How do I change my Cover Photo ?
  These options can be found under My Channel / Channel Art

  My video isn't on the recommended list ?
  Recommended videos are selected based on the weeks most popular videos

 Tips to help you get started.

 Click the link: Tips Playlist

 Click the link: Tips Videos

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