How NOT to be a Jackass When Carrying a Gun: The FL Example

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Published on Aug 3, 2017
Time to remind folks about the seriousness of carrying a gun for defense. I use a shooting incident between angry guys that started that altercation with bad, rude driving. One follows the other home to find out where he lives. Bad idea. The pursuer gets killed in the process. A lot comes into play into the discussion: stand your ground laws, etiquette for carrying concealed pistol, diffusing and avoiding conflicts, living in the yellow, active shooting protocols, knife as weapons, internet jackassery and bravado in seeking conflict (and Civil War) to prove "manhood," realities of killing, civil and legal problems that await the reckless defensive shooter in ROL, and more. Another touchstone TNP Philosophy video you should share with your friends.

Nutnfancy uses: Galco Classic Lite for Glock 26:

For IWB we have a Foxx:

Doodle uses:


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