The Always On, Always Ready Sight That Rocks: Holosun 503C $230

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Published on Aug 3, 2017
I was at SHOT and stumbled into the Holosun booth [watch for the video]. I did not even know they existed. It seems to do what the Aimpoint does but for A LOT less. The build quality seems identical and the feature set on these Holosun sights is BETTER than Aimpoint. Take my current favorite model reviewed here in field: the 503C “Paralow” circle dot. I bought this over an astronomically priced Aimpoint Micro red dot. Here again we are seeing the frequent pricing folly of big name companies like Aimpoint (or Surefire w flashlights) that take for granted to their marketplace domination. This pricing level opens the door for smart competition. The video will cover its simple ALWAYS ON operation that really works for a change: a super precise 2 MOA dot in 65 MOA circle that comes on when you shoulder the gun. Battery life is rated at 50,000 (or 5.7 yrs) hrs too for a lightweight 2032 power cell. Manual mode with just the 2 MOA dot (precise and not fat like many) is a button press away. It features AUTO OFF when in manual mode. It’s only 4.6 oz…and that’s with the included high AR-15 riser mount attached. On weight alone it will save big weight on your AR or AK build. Other features are shown, like its amazing SOLAR power augmentation….it can even work w/o a battery in proper light. This is currently my favorite CIRCLE or RED DOT sight being produced and it has been 100% reliable so far; each one has a no questions lifetime warranty as well. I bought two more for us in Amazon (sub to my Twitter feed if there are any failures of these sights over time). I still love the Bushnell TRS-25 and it continues to soldier on reliably on many TNP guns. It works great. But the Holosun is higher quality, more trustable in rough conditions, seems to have a much better mounting interface, and has cutting edge features that makes my job as a shooter easier. That’s what any good product does.
Sub to my Twitter feed of any failures of the Halosun sights over time: www.twitter/

Holosun "PARALOW" HS503C Micro, Solar Power Circle Dot sight, ALWAYS ON (simple, always works), 5.7 yrs, 4.4 oz with included high AR mount!):
Holosun HS403A Micro, AUTO ON but Red Dot Only, no Solar, no 65 MOA circle (2 MOA, 3.6 oz) with AR Riser:
Holosun HS403C Micro, ALWAYS ON, Solar Power, no 65 MOA Circle Red Dot only in this model
Holosun PARALOW HS515C Circle Dot sight, Solar Power, 65 MOA Circle,ALWAYS ON:


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