Musician Plays Guitar During Brain Surgery

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Published on Jun 4, 2018
A musician plays his guitar during brain surgery after he suffered from a rare neurological disorder called guitarist dystonia.

Taskin Ibna Ali, 31, played the music not for fun but to test if the surgery had restored mobility to his fingers on the left hand.

The rare surgery took place on May 17 at Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Hospital in Bangalore, India.

Taskin Ibna Ali, a Dhaka-based computer engineer and musician, had sought treatment for a neurological disorder "guitarist dystonia" that had left his fingers on the left hand crippled.

A year ago he started experiencing discomfort in his left middle finger while playing the guitar. The symptom progressively worsened, affecting other fingers of his left hand as well.

His ability to play the guitar fell by nearly 80 percent and his career came to a halt.

Dr Sanjiv CC, a neurologist, said: “Guitarist dystonia is an uncommon disorder and affects around one percent of musicians. It is very difficult to treat and surgery is one of the best options.”

Taskin’s symptoms were very severe as the disorder had affected all five fingers of his left hand.

But fortunately, the surgery worked and the Dhaka man got back full use of four fingers and partial use of his third finger immediately during surgery. On the operating table he also flipped his pick and typed on his mobile to show that he was able to use his hand again.

The post-operative neuro-rehabilitation restored full mobility in the third finger as well.

Taskin is now heading home and looking forward to resuming his career in music.

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