Is the Mini 14 Still a Viable Gun Choice?

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Published on Aug 3, 2017
Back in the 80s, the Mini-14 was “pulling alert” for the Nutnfancy family. In fact, we’ve owned Mini-14s since 1980…continuously. But with the gun market getting SAWC down (finally), AR-15s becoming so amazing, their costs coming down, and many other great tactical carbine choices, does the Mini-14 still make sense to buy? For sure it does have some quirks and some are discussed here. For instance, it’s probably unrealistic to expect your Mini-14 to shoot into 1.5 MOA or better. But it also holds the advantages of simplicity, reliability, fun factor, proven track record, and inheriting the Garand action. The buyer should keep a good eye on value too and the Ruger Mini-14 has risen in price. Compare it against the many excellent AR-15s recommended here and such excellent guns as the KelTec SU-16 series before deciding. In the end, we will never pitch the Mini. It is just much a part of our family and it has a storied past here.

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