US Bomb ISIS in Raqqa, Syria With Illegal Incendiary Airstrikes

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Published on Jul 29, 2017
The US may be at fault to have committed war crimes in northern Syria as incendiary airstrikes were put to devastating effect over Raqqa on Thursday evening, a city which houses over 200,000 residents.

Footage published by Amaq Agency moments ago showed what appeared to be either cluster bombs or white phosphorus falling all over Raqqa, both of which are internationally banned if used on residential areas.

US warplanes have been increasingly aggressive in their campaign to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq since Trump took office earlier this year, suggesting Washington to have relaxed the rules of engagement in seemingly total disregard for collateral damage.

Source of article can be found here: raqqa-illegal-incendiary-airstrikes/?utm_medium=ppc&utm_source=push&utm_campaign =push+notifications&utm_content=English


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