Oprah for President, Shithole countries.

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Published on Jan 13, 2018
Oprah for President, "Shithole" countries.

Trump to the Democrats, the gift that keeps on giving.

Let's face it Hillary was a shitty candidate to start with, hence why she lost to Trump.

Look, we all know how Hillary lost.

1) She was a horrible person.
2) She was/was not under FBI investigations
3) Pay to play going on with her foundation
4) The constant replay of her superpredators video, bringing black people to heel and her basket of porno people.
5) Bill and his sex scandals

And the list goes on.

So that brings me to, what if it was a Oprah vs Trump.

What scandals does Oprah have. What can the right dig up that can pardon the pun. Trump, Trump.

Knowing now what voters didn't know in 2015, they have a better understanding about Trump and are in a better position to make a choice about who they will pick in 2020.

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