Why I left the Democrat party. Why you cooning BDH?

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Published on Feb 11, 2018
Ever so often I get the question, Why I left the party. Here's why.

People ask me why I left the Democrat party. I laugh, I didn't leave the party, the party left me. The party has gone so far left, it fell off the cliff. The parties new strategy is, neglect the blacks who keep voting for them (we will always have those idiots votes) and focus on the illegals and chain migration, the new voting block.

Raise taxes on the middle class to support illegals with free healthcare, free education and welfare.

Open borders, why because we know illegals mostly of color only vote Democrat.

Massive gun control, cuz you can't win a war against the government with sticks and stones.

because socialism only works at the end of a barrel. Case and point Venezuela.

I want nothing to do with Democrats.





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