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Published on Aug 3, 2017
Paint is a quick way to get the color you want on your gun and lots of troops just shoot their gun with some Krylon and call it good. But it's not durable and most paints wear quickly. Enter DuraCoat by Lauer Weaponry in Wisconsin. They make a huge variety of durable epoxy finishes for guns that promise to wear extremely well. Moreover YOU, yes YOU, can even apply it. This is a quick video showing my application of "Stone" color DuraCoat to a Remington 700P .300WM rifle after appropriate preparation. The DuraCoat "Level II Starter Kit" includes an airbrush, air hose and couplings, 15 oz propellant can (which didn't work well for me... had to use hobby air compressor for good results), mixing bottle, color bottle, mask, gloves, measuring spoons, 2 oz reducer, 1 oz TruLube (not used), and good instructions. Surface preparation is the most time consuming task; you'll need to rough up smooth surfaces for preparation (Lauer also sells metal prep liquids which I feel are unnecessary). Make sure you do this in a ventilated area as shown. Results are impressive and I suspect I will be using their camo stencil kits in the future. Downsides are more expense (but much cheaper than other finishes like Robar's NP3), more work than painting and it might be hard to relate the catalog color to your desired shade (mine was lighter than depicted)./////////////Nutnfancy Initial Likeability Scale: 9 out of 10


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